Styles (Skins)ΒΆ

Styles are like skins. They are used to change the Color, Text, and Images options of the widgets.

New UI Widgets contains two predefined styles: Default and Blue.

New style can be created with menu Assets / Create / New UI Widgets / Style.

You can set any style to use as default. Default style will be applied for the created widgets. Also, you can apply style for objects on the scene with UI / New UI Widgets / Apply default style.


Styles has two modes: fast and detailed settings:

  • Fast allow to quickly set settings for all widgets with Apply Fast Settings button.
  • Detailed allow to tune settings for each widget type separately.


Recommended Sprites settings to avoid graphical artifacts:

  • Filter Mode = Point
  • Generate Mip Maps = disabled
  • Compression = None (you can try other settings, but be careful because sometimes Compression artifacts can be seen only in Play mode)