Most of the widgets can be used without knowledge of the Unity UI, but some of them require a basic understanding of the Unity UI.


Collections for your custom types can be created with Widgets Generation.

TileView, Table, TreeGraph does not have default implementation like ListView because of no standard for those widgets, so they should be created with Widgets Generation.

  • Combobox
    Data type string.
  • ComboboxIcons
  • ComboboxIconsMultiselect
    ComboboxIcons with multiple selection support.
  • DirectoryTreeView *
  • FileListView *
  • ListView
    Data type string.
  • ListViewColors
    Data type Color.
  • ListViewInt
    Data type int.
  • ListViewIcons
  • ListViewHeight
    Data type string.
  • ListViewPaginator
    Paginator for ListView, TileView, and Table.
  • TreeView


  • Accordion
  • Tabs
    Tabs buttons displayed on the top side.
  • TabsLeft
    Tabs buttons displayed on the left side.
  • TabsIcons
    Tabs buttons with an icon and buttons displayed on the top side.
  • TabsIconsLeft
    Tabs buttons with an icon and displayed on the left side.


  • DatePicker
    Data type DateTime.
  • DateTimePicker
    Data type DateTime.
  • Dialog Template
    Template for the custom dialogs.
  • FileDialog *
  • FolderDialog *
  • NotifyTemplate
    Template for the custom notifications.
  • PickerBool
    Data type bool.
  • PickerIcons
  • PickerInt
    Data type int.
  • PickerString
    Data type string.
  • Popup
    Template for the custom popup.
  • TimePicker
    Data type TimeSpan.


  • Autocomplete
    Data type string.
  • AutocompleteIcons
  • ButtonBig
  • ButtonSmall
  • Calendar
  • CenteredSlider
    Horizontal direction.
  • CenteredSliderVertical
    Vertical direction.
  • ColorPicker
  • ColorPickerRange
  • ColorPickerRangeHSV
  • ColorsList
    Should be used with ColorPicker to save colors.
  • DateTime
    Data type DateTime.
  • RangeSlider
    Data type int. Horizontal direction.
  • RangeSliderVertical
    Data type int. Vertical direction.
  • RangeSliderFloat
    Data type float. Horizontal direction.
  • RangeSliderFloatVertical
    Data type float. Vertical direction.
  • Spinner
    Data type int.
  • SpinnerFloat
    Data type float.
  • Switch
  • Time12
    Data type TimeSpan. 12-hour format with AM / PM switch.
  • Time24
    Data type TimeSpan. 24-hour format.


  • AudioPlayer
  • ProgressbarDeterminate
  • ProgressbarIndeterminate
  • ScrollRectPaginator
  • ScrollRectNumericPaginator

* not available on platforms with restricted access to file system (like WebGL and UWP).