ScrollRect.Content anchors should be setted to top left corner.

How to select paginator

  • If you need paginator with fixed items quantity per page use ListViewPaginator.
  • If you need paginator where the page size is equal ScrollRect size use ScrollRectPaginator. Add TileViewScrollRectFitter if you also need the whole number of items on one page.
  • Use ScrollRectPaginator for any ScrollRect outside ListView, TileView etc.


  • (optional) Default Page
    Template GameObject to display inactive pages
  • (optional) Active Page
    Template GameObject to display active page
  • (optional) Prev Page
    GameObject, go to the previous page
  • (optional) Next Page
    GameObject, go to the next page
  • Fast Drag Distance and Fast Drag Time
    Scroll to the next or previous page if drag distance more than Fast Drag Distance and drag time less than Fast Drag Time. To disable set to zero.
  • Force Scroll On Page
    Scroll to the nearest page when drag ended if not meet Fast Drag condition. Should be used only with touch devices.
  • Animation
    Enable animation
  • Movement
    Animation curve
  • Unscaled Time
    Enable if the animation should use Unscaled Time.

ListViewPaginator specific settings

  • PerPage
    Items count on one page, for TileView this is rows or columns count per page.

ListViewPaginator works with ListLiew, TileView (in this case PerPage is rows or columns count) and TreeView.

ScrollRectPaginator specific settings

  • Direction
    Scroll direction.
  • Page Size Type
    If Page Size Type = Auto page size is equal scroll rect size, if Page Size Type = Fixed will be used Page Size value.
  • Page Size
    Size of the page.
  • Page Spacing
    Space between pages.

Tile View ScrollRect Fitter

Resize ScrollRect to fit the whole number of columns and rows. Add it to gameobject with TileView script.