TextMesh Pro Support

You can enable TextMesh Pro support with Project Settings / New UI Widgets / Enable TextMesh Pro support. If TextMesh Pro not installed option will not be available.

After enabling support:

  • widgets created with menu UI / New UI Widgets / will use TextMesh Pro instead of the default Text
  • generated widgets will be using TextMesh Pro instead default Text

Disable support with Project Settings / New UI Widgets / Disable TextMesh Pro support.

You can import TextMesh Pro support package again with Project Settings / New UI Widgets / Import TextMesh Pro support package after updating main package to new version.


Known problems and solutions

  • Widgets have missing script errors after enabling TextMesh Pro Support

    Some Unity versions do not recompile scripts after Scripting Define Symbols was changed to enable support.

    First try to check “Scripting Define Symbols” from menu Edit/Project Settings/Player - it should contain UIWIDGETS_TMPRO_SUPPORT after enabling TMPro support, if not then you need to add it.

    Then check script file New UI Widgets / Scripts / ThirdPartySupport / TMProSupport / Scripts / Autocomplete / AutocompleteIconsTMPro.cs - it should be valid MonoBehaviour script like this:


    If it display “No MonoBehaviour scripts in the file, ….” then this is a problem with code recompilation.

    To fix it you need to modify function ForceRecompileByLabel in script “New UI Widgets/Scripts/Utilites/Compatibility.cs”.

    Add your Unity version number to line:

    #if UNITY_2018_1 || UNITY_2018_2

    like this:

    #if UNITY_2018_1 || UNITY_2018_2 || UNITY_2019_1

    And then disable TMPro support and enable it back to force files recompilation.